Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Prince of Persia

I heard from a dear friend that the Prince of Persia trailer looked extremely good or in her words "It was hot." or "He was hot." I'm assuming she meant the Prince. Anyhoo, I went to find it and discovered that it is 305 days before it premieres and the trailer was nowhere to be seen. I finally found it listed under New Zealand and went all the way there (cyberspacically) only to be told in a very unfriendly manner that the trailer was exclusively for New Zealanders. I felt totally confused and confounded by this obvious discrimination against the entire rest of the world!? So, I'm not good enough to watch a New Zealand trailer for a movie that's almost a year away from premier? Ha! I bounded back quickly and watched several different trailers that were not nearly as snippety as that one.

You may have noticed that I included one of my favorite fellows in this blog and if all goes according to my normal fate in this life, someone will report me and the picture will be pulled or I will be put in cyberjail or something.

Yes, Penguins of Madagascar contain some of my favorite people (err animals0. If all else fails to cheer me up, I can always turn to a DVR'd episode of the PoM and poof! I'm laughing. I'm happy. And nothing else matters. I'd like to say that "I liked them before I even knew them!"