Monday, August 2, 2010

What is it Really?

I have one agonizing worry about my books... not all of them, just the Assassin Chronicles series. I have wondered again and again what genre it belongs in. It's fantasy, of course, because as the series progresses, the various fantasy populations arrive gradually. Dragons, faeries, evil queens, story-book castles, mystical horses, necromancy, alchemy, magick. It's all there. There is also much history concerning the Templars and the Crusades. Then throw a little sci-fi in the mix with time travel, alternate universes, space travel and flying saucers. Everything is tied together into one Unified Theory of Fiction, I guess. So what kind of genre is this?

I think books one and two start off with only hints of fantasy with a bit of immortality, swordplay and mysterious powers along with a murder, a kidnapping and a couple of horrible monsters. Yeah, crazy, but I put it in the Action/Adventure genre because it certainly is that, but guess what? It also has a lot of romance, star-crossed lovers, impossible triangles and tragedy strewn throughout. Overlay it all with a good sense of humor and some good laughs and you have the essence of the series. What a mishmash it all is, but I write from the heart as well as the mind and sometimes hearts and minds do not mix well.