Saturday, January 9, 2010

Big Surf/Tough Turf

Over the holidays, I thought I might take in some sights, see a few shows, watch a few movies, do something different. So I took myself off to the beach to see if I might perhaps meet some new people, gain some new insight, collect my thoughts, and OK, all right, maybe meet some new girls or ladies as the case may be or might have been.

I purchased the latest fashionable swimsuit available, Dolce & Gabbana, that's Eye-talian and I got a good deal, too, because they were 2009's line and were marked down from $395.00 to $285.00. How could I go wrong? The fellow at the store assured me that he had a pair of these trunks and he had picked up hundreds of good-looking women at the beach. His goal, however, had been to pick up two ladies at once and he'd not been able to do it... yet. So needless to say, I am proud to announce that I did indeed meet and I daresay exceed the salesman's goal. The two young ladies you see in the picture were all over me within minutes of my lying down on my sun-towel and slathering on a half of a bottle of PF 65 sunblocker (I like the pasty look as opposed to the roasted lobster pose). I highly recommend PF 650 PSI load-blocker sunscreen in the future.... if there is a future.


  1. I must say...the first picture caught my attention. I said to myself, "Self, whatever is Brendan up to?"
    Those are the most elegant hippos I've ever seen. Miss Merry would love them! Why...they're indeed light on their toes (do hippos have toes?)
    Good job, Brendan! I expect to see a beer commercial somewhere with you and these two lovely ladies. :)

  2. Yes, they do indeed have toes, Miss Miller. In fact, these twin sisters' last name was Tows. First names, Twinkle and Tiny, but no beer for these two. MD 20/20 was their preferred aperitif. LOL.