Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday for May 29, 2011

The Assassin Chronicles follows the adventures of a grumpy Scottish Knight who happens to be the alchemist and assassin for the only remaining Order of the Poor Knights of Solomon's Temple. He is one of twelve semi-immortal members of the Ruling Council. On an ill-fated assassination assignment that took him to Central Texas, he meets and falls in love with a rather gullible young lady while suffering from the effects of a powerful alchemical concoction. He then becomes a target rather than an operative as his Brothers of the Order come after him after assuming him to be a traitor. This six sentence sample comes from near the beginning of the first novel wherein he is trying to understand what has happened to him.

“What do you know of Hattin?”


She looked up at him in surprise.

The mention mention of the ancient battle confused and confounded him. He could smell the burning brushfires and hear the screams of the soldiers as the enemy charged up the hillside, killing and hacking everything and everyone to bits, even the horses. Then the vision and the sounds were gone as suddenly as they had come.

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  1. Wow! Powerful six. Being a romance writer, I'd like to know more about his love for his lady. Book sounds intriguing. Well done.

  2. Nice description of what he 'remembers'. And being Scottish, it's always nice to have Scottish characters in stories. Great six!

  3. This is a fascinating idea and powerful writing. Well done.

  4. What an intriguing concept! Great six.

  5. I know about Hattin! But I concentrated on Arsuf, as my knight isn't a Templar, but is in Richard Lionheart's retinue...
    Great six (but the Smashwords links isn't there, will look you up through the search...)!
    fellow Smasher Barb
    (Barbara G.Tarn)

  6. This sounds interesting

  7. Very imagery, great six.


  8. Thanks to all for stopping by! I am greatly humbled by the compliments.

  9. Fantastic description. I love the middle ages. I find that period so fascintating even though your book is not entirely set in that time.

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