Monday, February 28, 2011

Libyan Sanctions

What is it about the state of the world's collective attitude concerning priorities that allows things like this to happen?
Gas prices are going through the roof, not due to real expenses, but due to speculation in the marketplace.  Everyone recognizes the devastating effect this will have on the shaky US economy.  The unrest in the Middle East, especially Libya is driving the price up at a phenomenal rate.  In Libya, people are dying in the streets at the hands of an obviously insane dictator along the same lines as Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.  Muammar Qadaffi is not only mad, he is a war criminal and a terrorist.  And yet he is only one man.
OK, in order to deal with this growing crisis, WE, THE PEOPLE, have sent our Secretary of State (yearly salary $191,300) to Europe in order to DISCUSS the possibility and likelihood, the merit and impact of kicking Libya off the Human Rights Council.... say what?  Huh?
That's like saying "OK, you bad, bad man, Mr. Qadaffi!!  If you don't play nice, we're not going to let you sit on the Christmas decorating committee!!"

Muammar must be crying into this pillow every night over the possibility of a bunch of people he doesn't even know in an organization he doesn't even care about kicking off of a decorating committee for a holiday he doesn't even celebrate.  Geesh!! When will our own brand of madness be replaced with a little common sense?


  1. Exactly. This is sadly indicative of our times. We're pretty much toast, unless someone unplugs the toaster.
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  2. I would argue that the fact that Gadaffi is just now being called to accountability by his people is indicative of our times. Yes, gas may rise a couple of dollars, but so is a country. I can pay a couple more dollars for gas. What's going on in the Middle East makes me glad that I'm alive to see it.

    Longer term, Gaddaffi gone will result in a more stable region, better economic growth, more oil available, a potential non-insane person to conduct business and diplomatic talks with, and hopefully a better future for an entire region.

    So... this is kind of embarassing... Came here through the Author Blogs thread on Kindleboards to check out what you are up to and ended up posting some silly opinion. No offense intended. For what it is worth, I like your book covers. Who did you go with on those?