Friday, August 21, 2009

Muses, ah Muses...

Of course the Pirate Puffin muse was simply an attempt at levity. I do indeed have a muse and she is, of course, Meredith who is actually based on someone I know (with her permission). Although she is not, nor has she ever been my wife, she is my inspiration and has stuck with me through thick and thin... mostly thick (Head and Body, LOL) probably loving me more than even my own dear mother ever did. She is my friend and my confidante and the ear for my confessions. To her I am wonderful and yet, she is the light of my life and the apple of my eye and all that mushy, gushy stuff. I cannot say who she really is for propriety's sake, but just for the record, I do know who my muse is though I enjoy making light of most serious issues (something that she dislikes... my morbid sense of humor). If I were the Knight of Death, I'd surely take her home with me and use that damnable golden sword to make sure that no one took her from me. I guess Mark is sort of like me in the sense that he misses his opportunities in life and pays dearly for his mistakes and his miscalculations. One thing he never does is stop loving Meredith. So take it for what it's worth, there is a real Meredith somewhere out there.

Meanwhile, I have several other lesser muses who live with me. They are great sources and I wouldn't want to slight them, but Paddy Puffintowne (Puffin) is a muse for hire and they can get a bit tedious at times becoming real stuffed shirts! Ha!

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