Friday, August 28, 2009

Free Form Friday

Well, another Free Form Friday has come to Texas Hill County. Yesterday evening we had thunder storms and rain and it's truly amazing how fast things turn green around here. The fields were beautiful on the way home today and the cattle, goats and sheep were enjoying the slightly cooler evening, munching down on some green grass that could possibly put Kentucky to shame. Actually, there are some strange weeds that grow along the roadside that appear blue and I wish I knew the name of it so I could compare the genus and specie to the Kentucky bluegrass grass... er, well, you know. Anyway, so I'm working late, working under very stressful conditions and this morning I have to attend a teleconference where I and about 123 of my colleagues are berated, warned and threatened for about forty-five minutes by those chaps at HQ. Narry a word about how great we are doing under the circumstances, about how we are all taking psychotropic drugs now to keep from killing our immediate supervisors, co-workers and subordinates. Not a single word of encouragement, nor even the hint of a nod of approval.

Bottom line was the bottom line.

Someone at the top (State Legislative Body) has PROVEN BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT (think Rush Limbaugh's best authoritative voice here) that I and those of my colleagues engaged in my particular line of public service have Bankrupted the entire State of Texas and may have contributed to the Federal Trillion-Dollar Budget Deficit.

Over the years I have learned that these gunsights are on a rotating turret and if I wait long enough, the gears will grind and the world will turn and some other target will come into the line of fire. Been there, done that, been there, etc.

So I would say it's Friday, but it's not. Tomorrow is my Friday which is really Saturday which will make my Sunday my Saturday which will be good because I'm usually stressed on Sunday because tomorrow is Monday, but this time Monday will be Sunday and I won't be stressed out until Monday which will be my Sunday because the next day is Tuesday.

I would like to thank everyone who purchased copies of my new release: Tempo Rubato

I would like to also thank everyone who continues to read, enjoy and purchase the Red Cross of Gold.

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