Monday, August 3, 2009

Wonderful, Wonderful Words of Praise

I think that my spirits are never lifted any higher than when a reader praises my work with words like 'addicted', 'wow', 'wonderful', '*sigh*', 'talented', 'can't put it down', 'great imagination'. It is the best feeling in all the world, a cure for the common cold, rhumatism, neuralgia and neuritis. It's hard to describe exactly how gratifying it is to hear these words applied to something I've worked on for years. It makes all the pain and all the blood, sweat and proverbial tears and night terrors worthwhile just to hear one reader say that he or she has become a devoted fan. I'm sure it's indescribable except to say that my feet will probably not touch the ground until sometime tomorrow. Thank you to all of my readers. Without readers, authors are pretty useless.The best single word for it would, without doubt, have to be "Sweeeeeet!!"

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