Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dr. Pepper, Texas

Well, good news after a long and flatulent work week listening to gasbags distribute hot air for four days in a concerted attempt to enrich the atmosphere’s methane content by at least 10%.
I didn’t get called in to work. And if that is not good enough, I was treated to a Saturday outing to one of my favorite local attractions: the Dr. Pepper bottling company in Dublin, Texas. Yes, it’s the oldest bottling company for sodas in the country going back to 1287, just after the Fall of Jerusalem to the Infidels. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it is old and the machinery is from the 1920’s.
I just realized yesterday that I had quit drinking Dr. Pepper exclusively in the early 1970’s. The tour guide said that Dr. Pepper stopped using Imperial Pure Cane sugar in 1973 when the Cuban Missile Crisis caused a sugar shortage. The Dublin plant, having been the original bottler, refused to use corn syrup and continues to this day to use Imperial Pure Can Sugar which is also made right here in Texas, a la the Imperial Sugar company after which Sugarland, Texas is named.
Anyway, the tour is awesome and then I had a Big Red Crème Soda (made with pure cane sugar straight from the soda fountain) float with Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream (another Texas exclusive: Blue Ice Cream). It was heavenly.
We then traveled on (which will come in another blog) before ending the day at Miss Lilley’s restaurant and Saloon in Hico, Texas which Is famous for its connections with the outlaw Billy, the Kid. It has also becoming a haven for bikers and bike clubbers. A beautiful hill country town well worth the trouble of searching for in the wilderness between the goats, the sheep and the longhorns. A great day!!


  1. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneer coach, John Gruden forbid the team from drinking Dr. Pepper on account of our nemisis, Julius Peppers of the Carolina Panthers. He said if he caught anyone drinking Dr. Pepper they would be suspended.

    However, Gruden is no longer the coach of the Buccaneers, and Julius Peppers (no offense, sir), just isn't the player he once was. So I proclaim that it is now acceptable to drink Dr. Pepper again! Yeay!

  2. Thank God! I was a'fixin' to think you wuz un-American! That's a very interesting story, Miss Miller. I'm passing that along to friends and family for a good laugh.