Friday, October 9, 2009

1st Week Results Are In

The first week at the new job has passed without incident largely due to the above sign which was posted in the lobby. When I first saw the sign painted at eye-level near the main entrance door, I thought "Well, duh!!". I don't know why this sign is not posted everywhere! Just think of all the injuries that could be avoided by the simple posting of one sign.

I know, I know... paint is expensive, but honestly, I believe that employees everywhere would be willing to put a little in the kitty to buy a can of red spray paint, some magic markers and a stencil kit for Pete's sake.

How many times have I completely bombed out when falling on rough or wet surfaces and how many times could I have been spared fractures, concussions and wrenched or torn ligaments, tendons and muscles due to sheer ignorance? A little ingenuity could have saved me tons of money, years of therapy and a boatload of embarrassment had I but known to fall carefully.

Think about it, people. Be safe. Live long and prosper: Fall Carefully.


  1. If you had taken a shower prior to falling your collapse would have been more graceful!

  2. Seems like damned gravity is always stronger in some places than in others. This causes me to make grievous errors in my judgment as to where to step... Sometimes it ends with hilarious results... But, that's ok! It's all for the greater good or at least a good, hearty laugh!

  3. Yes, it's true I didn't follow those instructions all, not all did I not take a shower prior to falling, I didn't use a grind or ground of towell! How silly of me and furthermore I forgot to read the fine print which was written in Japanese or Korean or some other far eastern language.