Saturday, October 10, 2009

Attention Kindle Indie authors!! Godzilla has been making plans to steal all of the really good books on Kindle since Amazon went International. The above picture was taken by my parrot, Polly, after she infiltrated a top secret meeting in Japan only a few hours ago. My good friend, Maureen Miller, had become a victim of this dastardly plot, but Polly assures me that she will soon be grasping Widow's Tale in her claws and winging her way home with it.

The rest of you... beware! Of course, I'd be willing to rent out Polly for a small fee... just sayin'!


  1. Snort.

    Two little Japanese girls brought my book back.
    Can someone please explain what/who those two little girls were?

  2. Those two little girls are not girls at all, but holograms projected by the mind of Godzilla. They probably didn't bring your book back at all, but just the illusion of your book. Please take two aspirin and call me in the morning if your book is not really there.