Monday, June 1, 2009


My name is Brendan Carroll. I'm a fulltime writer/author with a 40+ hour job working for the State of Texas as a hobby (to pay the bills). I'm an Indie author with a total of nine books now ready for your reading pleasure on at the Kindle Store.

My novels are a sort of super-series of 28 adventures centered on the adventures and misadventures of Chevalier Mark Andrew Ramsay, the only Scottish member of the Immortal Council of Twelve, Ordo Militi Templi, Red Cross of Gold. He is commonly called the Knight of Death or in French, which is the Order's formal language, l'Chevalier du Morte. He works as an assassin and alchemist for the thousand year old chapter and is about 837 years old at present. He makes the gold that the Order needs to operate its private army and when someone needs to be killed, he does that as his primary job. He holds the Secrety of the Key of Death for the semi-immortal members of the inner grand council and he also holds the divine Mystery of Alchemy which allows him to make gold from base metals.

Mark is a simple Scotsman who wants nothing more than to be left alone, but his life is turned upsidedown when an assassin's mission sends him to America to retrieve or eliminate a traitorous apprentice to the Order's Grand Master. The members of the inner circle cannot desert, nor can they simply leave the Order. It is a lifetime commitment and deviations will not be tolerated.

In America, Mark temporarily becomes disoriented after a vicious assault and he forgets who he is and what he is doing there. While he is trying to regain his memory, he meets and falls in love with one of his captors. Keeping company with women is strictly forbidden by the Primitive Rule of Order for the Templars which states "The company of women is a dangerous thing and has led many men from the path to paradise".

Needless to say, he suddenly finds himself embroiled in a life and death struggle as he attempts to fight off his captors who are bent on extracting the secret of immortality from him while his own Brothers of the Order come looking for him, considering him a traitor to the Order. An old enemy is determine to take his head back to Italy in a box, his new-found love wants him to stay with her and give up the Order and his loyal apprentice and friends are trying to help him, but he doesn't know which way to turn.

Things get pretty sticky for him and the outcome looks even bleaker when the Grand Master, himself, shows up in Texas, ready to do battle for the sake of the Order.

Happy reading. Brendan Carroll

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