Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life and Death

I used to fear death a great deal. It all started a long time ago, right after I was born, but my first real memories of thinking about death come around age twelve when I learned that that the turn of a new millennium was going to occur in my lifetime and that this was something that only happened every 1000 years. I planned on being there for it, but not too long afterward because I thought that my age in the year 1999 was so ancient of days that I would not be living much longer than that. Now its almost ten years gone now and I'm older than ever. When I was 16, I was half as old as my mother and by the time I was 32, I was catching up with her and now... I am older than my mother by about 20 years!!! I only know that, after having several close calls with Death, I will avoid it for a while longer. Live long and prosper. (BTW that's a little fairy cake made by favorite little fairy)

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