Thursday, June 4, 2009


Reviews. What are these... really? I had always thought... in my feeble mind, that reviews as posted on sites such as Amazon.books and Amazon Kindle Boards concerned themselves with remarks and comments concerning the so-called readability of the book, i.e. were the characters believable? were the settings first rate or not so hot? was the action exciting? did it keep the reader's attention? would you recommend it to your friends?

I have given many reviews and have always spoken to the issues listed above. However, it has been brought to my attention lately that reviewers should base their reviews on something called "the rules", which apparently include a great deal of criticism directed at spelling, word usage, formatting, grammar, punctuation, so on and so forth. These topics, I believe are editing issues and should be addressed in forums and boards such as Kindle Boards "Book Bazaar" where I heartily agree that any opinions of readers is highly valuable input even if we might not want to hear it. These comments can be helpful when editing and correcting and when writing future epic giants.

I am still firmly convinced that Reviews should be recommendations/non-recommendations to other potential readers for the book in question... period (pardon the pun) and not comma-tary on grammar, which as aggravating as it is to some people of higher learning, is not as important to to the general populace as it should be.

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