Monday, June 8, 2009


One of my fellow authors at the recently opened a thread for me, he said, to display my limericks and rhymes. It is, of course, open to everyone, readers and writers alike and not limited to limericks. Any and all poetry is subject to enjoyment and/or ridicule from the readers/authors... all in fun naturally. An old friend and fan who dates from my very early writing career recently found me on the boards (actually, she was there before I was because she owned a Kindle and I still don't). Anyway, after posting a few rhymes in a friendly banter exchange, a strange thing seems to be happening. Another author/reader thinks that she is me! (Or I am she or is it her?) Anyway, I was absolutely thrilled to see that the readers of this bizaare little thread put enough thought into it to draw conclusions about the originators of the bawdy poems. I have since played it up that this particular fan is my stalker who follows me around, adoring me. This again, is done in fun and is absolutely not true, but rather another unabashed attempt at self-promotion on my part.
I have always loved to read and write limericks. A rather harmless habit, one must admit, although more brain-squeezing than chewing fingernails or twisting hair. I did talk my old fan into writing a limerick of her own and she showed surprising talent in this little-appreciated literary genre. In other words, I was quite pleased with her work.
If you want to read these terrible rhymes and judge for yourself have a looksee at the under the Book Bazaar and look for the thread on Limericks.
I have reduced my Red Cross of Gold II:. the King of Terrors to just $.99 for a while simply because it is undergoing a bit of typo correction and the corrected version will be a while in coming. By no means are the typos destructive to the storyline, they simply need to be corrected for aesthetic purposes and because I will soon be releasing the book in paper on and I want it as perfect as possible in case any of the major publishing houses, agents and/or film makers happen by... (crosses fingers).
Wish me luck. Happy reading and thanks for stopping by. Brendan

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