Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great Weekend

I had a wonderful time yesterday even though I was away from my beloved computer... the sorry, domineering, arrogant work of art... mumble, mumble. Saw Ice Age 3-D with the granddaughter and celebrated lunch with my best friend. Also celebrated a fifteen year anniversary and received a Kindle for a gift. Yesterday was a great day!

This morning, however, got off to a bumpy start when my Word program had a glitch (this always hurts my heart). If you only knew how many pages of work, sometimes entire chapters, I have lost in less than the blink of eye... well, anyway, I struggled with that and finally overcame the electronic tyrant on my desk... at least temporarily. Looks like I'm going to have to break down and buy a Word 97 program and let the old one go. I've run through a couple of trial offers on the newer version and well, you know the story about old dogs and tricks and such.

Now I'm off to have homemade spaghetti with portobello mushroom sauce, fried chicken livers and fried mushrooms! I know that sounds wierd, but trust me, it's good. After that I'm going to work some more on editing my next release and try to finish getting my old stuff sorted out in the files and flash drives. They are becoming quite confusing. Have a great weekend!!

PS: That is not my eye. That is the all-seeing eye of Sister Discretion.

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