Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Proofing Time

As most of you bakers know, proofing time is when you let your dough rise in a warm, dark place. Well, for writers, it means the same thing. I just received a proof copy of the Red Cross of Gold II:. the King of Terrors in the mail and it's time to go through it one more time before I push the publish button and make it available in paperback on Amazon.

This book has certainly lived up to its name 'King of Terrors' when it comes to proofing. I practically know the thing by heart by now and yet, every time I go through it, I find errors that drive me up the wall. They aren't big errors as far as some things I've paid money for and read in spite of the typos, but they are to me. First of all, when I first published it on Kindle, I somehow uploaded an older version that had only been proofread a dozen times and not the copy that had been edited six dozen times. Then I had to painfully extract it and make some corrections that might have cause some readers to back off and think that I just threw it together, which is as far from the truth as could be. The second book in the series was by far the most intense writing exercise I've performed to date and maybe that is why it seemed to need more post-operative care. But now, I think I have the thing ready for that shiney new cover. I'm hoping against hope that it will sell as a paperback even though the prices are going through the roof and the economy is going down the drain. It is still a wonderful yarn, a good read and something to take the reader away for at least a little while. Wish me luck on this last reading and happy reading to all. Brendan

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