Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Don't tell anyone, but I loved that little song 'Manic Monday' simply because she says she was kissing Valentino by a crystal blue Italian stream. I have a partiality for all things Tuscan and I think that probably one of the most romantic scenes I can imagine is taking a big picnic basket out to some fabulous pastoral scene in Tuscany. Sharing a good, sweet wine and a few kisses... ahhhh. But strangely enough, in my first book in the Red Cross of Gold series, one of the main female characters that you just love to hate is named Valentino. I wonder if I took her name from that song? Don't get me wrong, she's not the type of girl one would dream of taking on a romantic picnic, nay, nay, not at all! But back on topic. I hate Mondays simply because I hate dragging myself away from my keyboard for almost ten hours (including driving time). The drive, I enjoy... cruising through the Texas hill country for about twenty-five miles each way. There's always some new cow or goat to see and some fresh road kill to admire and wonder "Wow! I wonder how much damage that sucker did?!" I have deer whistles installed on my car and so far, so good. I did, however, kill a raccoon one day before sunup, but he was just suddenly there. I'm not one of those fellas who swerves to hit turtles. In fact, when no one is looking, I might actually stop and help one of them across the road (another secret you should keep about me).

But today was not your average Monday. It started out normally enough, but soon I realized that not only was the day passing at a rapid pace, I was actually getting work done even though I had been gone all last week. By 4:00 PM, I had accomplished all my goals, fiddled around in everyone else's business and was out the door at exactly 4:01 PM without even making one person mad. It's always a good thing to walk along the sidewalk toward the parking lot without a lot of jeering, curse flinging, and insult shouting following me. Ha! Ha! And best of all, I didn't bring any work home with me.

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